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African Students Rescued From Ukraine

Russia had decided to invade Ukraine on February 24/2022, which created a cascade of tragedy and suffering for its citizens. This also created a lot of fear and uncertainty in the EU as a whole, since many leaders are left wondering if their country will also face Russia’s tyranny. This blog post however touches on the African students left stranded in Ukraine, who had decided to leverage the power that social media can offer to them.

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Black Love

BLACK LOVE – A LOVE LIKE NO OTHER “There has been this unbroken history of struggle for liberation for hundreds of years, but Black people managed to create beauty and love in the very process of fighting this system.” — Angela Davis What is Black Love? This wide-reaching term can refer to love shared among […]


Reflections: Lessons from 2020

Moving Forward with Purpose in 2021    Without a doubt, the year 2020 was an incredibly challenging year for everyone. A year many do not wish to remember. Everyone has one story or two to share about why they think 2020 deserves no mention ever again. The painful truth is that we cannot forget 2020 […]

Ottawa Lids Store Refuses To Customize Black Lives Matter Hat

Lids at the Tanger Outlets in Ottawa is facing backlash after the store manager refused to customize a hat with the phrase “Black Lives Matter.” Vincent Obiang told CBC News that he tried to get the baseball cap embroidered with the slogan ahead of the No Peace Until Justice march against police brutality that was […]