Uniting people of African descent. Building the capacity of ethno-cultural organizations to support and promote community engagement and participation.

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Whether celebrating cultures or contributing to the health and wellbeing of our people, ACAO has been a frontrunner rallying support for a healthy community.

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We are humbled to say ACAO now boasts of 53 country associations and growing. Our strength is in our membership. We have empowered leaders who are selfless and committed in their pursuit.

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What we do

Engaging, Empowering & Equipping

We are all about the welfare of African Canadians and the Black community. Our mission is uniting people of African descent and promoting the welfare of our community whilst encouraging greater participation in civic matters. As an umbrella organization for the 53 African country associations and ethnocultural groups, ACAO equips and builds capacities of member organizations to ensure effective and efficient service delivery to the community.

Since inception, ACAO has partnered with many organizations and individuals to make services more accessible and available to our community that has experienced less than optimal service. We use festivals and events to promote African cultures and empower the community to be able to participate fully in the social and economic discourses that affect us.

People wearing African heritage cultural attire

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African Canadian Association is an umbrella organization for all the African descent ethno-cultural organizations in the Ottawa-Gatineau area.


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Head Office

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada